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Thread: Deerhunter sneaky 3D suit

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    Deerhunter sneaky 3D suit

    Thinking about getting one. Just wondered if there any good??

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    Two friends of mine use them and rate them for breaking up their outline etc.

    They have noticed though, that if there are any Pheasants where they are stalking the birds seem to see them a long way off.

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    I don't know if they have improved the durability of the material, but a regular shooting buddy of mine had one a few years back and it soon fell apart. After a long spell without a 3D mesh suit, he's just acquired a Swedteam one, which looks disconcertingly "whitish" close to, but blends in well at 50m+. I use the Jack Pyke versions, but the Ridgeline one looks promising too.

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