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Thread: Rip John Humphreys

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    Very sad another casualty of the big c .


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    bugger liked the old boy ,spoke his mind even if it pee'd a few folk off a real fen tiger ,will be missed i'm sure .
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    Bummer,RIP John,I've enjoyed his writing since i was knee high to a banjo,didn't always agree with everything he wrote but he had the courage of his convictions and gave his view of things
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    A very dignified man in dealing with his illness and would not let it better him while working to the end RIP

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    Very sad I was just reading this weeks shooting times,and had read his last country gun as I have just found out when I logged on to stalking directory loved his stories rip

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    What a shame - I think all the original writers from when I somehow got hold of a copy of the "Shooting Times" - as a youngster in about 1977 (7 years old) have gone now - Petral, BB, Geoffory Boothroyd, Colin Wilcox, Jack Ivester Lloyd, Whiteface, Chris Craddock, Arthur Ogilsby, Hugh Falkus, Arthur Cadman, Archie Coats, Rusticus - all spring too mind. I still have those very first copies I read and in a small but important way they changed my life a little.
    I remember him best for his interviews with the last of the old fen gunners.
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    RIP John

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    The bravery he showed in dealing with his illness was incredible. May he rest in peace.

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    Without a doubt the shooting world will be at a loss
    God bless you John!!! R. I. P.

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