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    Used cases

    In the future i`ll be going into home loading. Over a period of time i`ve kept the cases that have been fired in the Howa. If these cases are reloaded, will they be able to be fired in the Steyr? or is it a "start saving them all over again"
    Thanks. basil.

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    You can resize the case again back to what it should have been originally and fire it in the steyr but obviously won't gain the benefits of a 'fire-formed' case until then. then you can just resize the neck each time

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    Just full length size them...this produces an industry standard 6.5x55 case.Once fired in your Styer they will become fire-formed to it and then you can just work the neck with your full length sizing die (follow instructions in reloading mannual) or buy a collet die.This method allows you to get more reloads from cases plus supposedly improves accuracy.

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    Used cases

    Basil, I have a Sako and a CF2, both in 6.5x55. Cases fired in the Sako will fire in the BSA but not the other way round. I now full size each time then cycle the empty cases through the Sako just to make sure they will fit both rifles.

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    Hi Basil, Hope you're well.

    I've loaded my own ammunition for about 20 years and my advice would be to buy some new brass (Lapua would be my choice) and load them up to your requirements. Then keep them just for your new rifle. They will last at least a dozen shots each if you neck size them after firing so the initial cost is paid back in the end. Besides which the cost of new brass is nothing compared to what you've spent on your new outfit

    Incidentally, I use the same set up as you with the Mannlicher .243 although I have the stainless barrel.

    Good luck.



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    Just a thought - unless you've already bought reloading dies I have a spare set in .243 which you are welcome to free of charge. PM me your address and I'll stick them in the post.


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