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Thread: Donington Deer, directions

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    Donington Deer, directions

    Hi All, doe's anyone know the directions for donington deer services please as i was going to go down for a visit next week, from buxton end, is it a long way and difficult to find or straightforward travel?

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    a6 down to m1 at kegworth take the a453 to breedon on the hill farm the left after donnington race track atb v16

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    thats great thanks for that, atb Dean

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    Watch for a gate and track opposite a white building on the right just after a sharp bend in the road. Good luck with your test. I did mine there last year - great guys.


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    Great food too!
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    spoke to dave tonight and he is sending me registration form so hopefully will be able to get in and do the asessment in march as planned, fingers crossed, thanks for all the advice and help everyone

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