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Thread: Newbie bino question

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    Question Newbie bino question

    Just wondered what to get 8x or 10x mag? Also advantages and disadvantages of them? Sorry about this but minox vs steiner???

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    Hi mate are you open or woodland 10x50s i use open hill stalking how much you spend for the quality you get.
    Don't do what i done when i started bought a cheap pair.Then went out with someone with a good set well the differance. Its when
    the light starts to go you will SEE the differance.You don't have to spent thousands but you do have to spend hundreds.
    I did the same with my rifle scope you have to spend as much as you can on your optics.
    good luck brian

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    +1 on the above even cheaper rilfles will shoot strighter than you can hold them but cheap binos will not help you see in bad light as well as good ones the differance is truly amasing in poor light.

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    Buy the best binos you can possibly afford. The magnification you require will depend on what type of stalking you intend to do the most. As woodfordfallow rightly says, if you are doing a lot of hill or open field stalking I would go for a pair of 10's but if you are going to be mainly woodland stalking then a pair of 7 or 8's will be much better in that situation. To be honest I would try and stick with Swarovski, Zeiss or Leica. There is often many of these on eBay and I wouldnt be put off by an old (ish) pair, if they have been looked after the glass will still be first class.

    All the best,


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    8.5 swaro sseem to gather light better than 10s
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    8x would be my personnel preference and I here a lot of very very good things about Steiner.

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    7 - 8 is my recommendation. woodfordfallow is bag on the money. I have had my bins for over 10 years and they never leave my side.

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    Most of my slaking would be a combination of Norfolk fields and woodland if that helps. As for budget I would say about 200-250. I've had good reports on the minox bv 8x42 br bins and I have a seen a pair for 170!! Found them by accident while looking at trousers
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    Regarding the Steiner Minox question, yes I agree that Swaro are superb, if I could afford them I would love ELs. I have looked at Steiners around the 500- 600 mark and found the Minox far far supier in build quality so opted for a pair of 10x52 HGs. I have alo used my mates Swaro SLC and found them better, but thats my personal choice. One thing I do know is I was amazed at how good the Minox were at low light in the woodland in the morning. If you buy Minox try Sherwoods in Notts as the do cracking ex demo.

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