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Thread: Lenser ( LEDCO ) Customer Service

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    Lenser ( LEDCO ) Customer Service

    Had to post to rave about Lenser ( LEDCO ) Customer Service, as they are absolutely brilliant !!

    Brought a Lenser H7R head torch in November, and it is a really great piece of kit. However, after using it all winter in all conditions, all was well, until a really dark night, when it did not work.... for no apparent reason . Not mistreated or anything, and fully charged up.... So sent it back to LEDCO this Tuesday just gone, and a brand new unit arrived in this mornings post - no questions.

    Would recommend the H7R to anybody, but especially on the back of the LEDCO customer service. Very impressed.

    All the best.


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    Good to hear something positve for a change

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    There's an inherent fault with these, where the very fine wire goes in to the battery box. Several people I know who've had them have had to repair this wire.

    Good customer service though, wonder if they'll replace mine?

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    Hi Matt.

    You have a point there, as I checked, and that looks like a weak point if the headband stretched too far....

    I just wrote a quick note to say what had happened, and sent it in with the torch. Job done... I know kit does not last forever - so to speak... but credit where credit is due...

    Give it a go, their address is :- LEDCO. Kingswick House. Kingswick Drive. Sunninghill. Berks. SL5 7BH.

    Good luck.


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