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Thread: 7mm Rem Mag - too much gun?

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    Question 7mm Rem Mag - too much gun?

    Hi all

    Thoughts please - I have chance of a cheap X Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag. Looking at the ballistics I'm coming to the conclusion that it a bit too much for smaller species, specifically Roe.

    A lot of my shooting is hill reds and mixed ground Sika. I do occasionally get chance of woodland Roe.

    Anyone use one on Roe and if so, what bullet weights? Thoughts generally please?

    Many thanks

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    just go with the heavier soft point bullets on the small stuff and there should be little meat damge

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    if you load your own you can go down to minimum rather than chase the max which most people do. eg 120gr at 3050fps is no more likely to do too much damage than a factory. 270 round

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    Plenty of Roe shot through out Europe with 7x64 and 7x65r which are not quite 7mm Rem speed but not far short. I have used a 173 gn RWS from a 7x65r - MV of c2850 fps on a roe at 60 yds through the shoulders - nice round hole both sides and not exessive damage.

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    If you're shooting a lot of hill Reds and Sika - not many rounds could 'better' the 7mm rem mag for such purposes!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I had one years ago. Brilliant for the Hill. Knocked the Reds down at range but one hell of a kick off it ( pre silencer days). You will find that its a bit messy at close range especially on Roe.
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    Thanks for the replies all. Think I'll give this one a miss for now.

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    Other than the reduced magazine capacity I'd not pass it IF IT WERE CHEAP...especially as this can be loaded down or use Remington Managed Recoil Ammunition.

    What is the barrel length? If 24" yes, definitely consider, if 22" then kick it into touch with a heavy "boot"! No good will come of that length barrel, 22", in 7mm RM.

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