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Thread: Custom Remy 700 or Steyr SSG 69

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    Custom Remy 700 or Steyr SSG 69

    I am half way down the custom rem 700 route (.308) but having owned two SSGs in different calibres in the past I am now wondering if I should just save the money and get another one. If i was to go the custom route then the final step is to send it to the gunsmiths for barrel change ect as I already have the bare rifle, Hogue stock, trigger, mag assy and optics.
    Interested in opinion on custom barrels for the 700 and costings and the benifits against an SSG? Will be used for stalking a lot so weight is also a factor.

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    There will be a variety of answers and opinions broached on this subject.

    For me the answer is simple - go the 700 route, easy to rebarrel when the time comes and as you already have the basics (although I would throw away the stock and find something less flexible)

    I suggest a rebarrel and replacement stock would be less than the price of an SSG.

    The SSG?

    Ive shot several and while they are nice enough and reasonably accurate, if you ever decided to change calibres, and rebarrel it would either have to be returned to Steyr (they are heat swaged into the reciever) or have the barrel stub bored out and the action threaded to recieve a replacement barrel, which is quite prohibitive cost wise and I can only think of one person (in Scotland), whom I would recomend to do this work.....

    Simple answer - Rem 700..

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    most able gunsmiths could rebarrel the ssg whether they want to though because its more time consuming. alot of them wouldn't take the job on im betting.

    as redmist said go for the remmy 700. lots of aftermarket parts for them also. from stocks,triggers,mag systems, scope rails etc

    a fluted aftermarket barrel on a blueprinted remmy action would be very nice
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    "Will be used for stalking a lot so weight is also a factor. "

    If you go down the 700 custom route, you can spec the stock/barrel profile to make a significant difference.

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    I'm sure most could, but as you say its the time it takes, which make it prohibitive - would imagine it would add at least the cost of a barrel to the price so IMHO not worth doing.

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    ssg69 p2 is still a brilliant rifle straight out of the box no need for triggers stocks etc. Aye its abit heavy for lugging around but you get used to it. Rebarrelled with a Callum Ferguson barrel choped and soundmod on turns it from brilliant to awesome accuracy

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    Thanks. All food for thought. What are the options on barrels for the Remy? Are there barrels out there that are up to range work but also light enough for stalking. Fluted perhaps? Where can if find prices for barrels?

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    A rough guide regarding barrel prices is to be found on the Border Barrels site, many other barrels are available - all similarly priced, there are alos Bergara barrels (made in spain), which are alot cheaper than other brands.

    Once youve factored the barrel price (circa 250, add fluting if you want it which will add another 50% to the barrel price then fitting by your chosen rifle smith, finally proof, your looking at the neck end of 550 - 600 at least.

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    Last year Norman Clark quoted 700- 800 to re-barrel my BSA Monarch with a chrome moly barrel.

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    PACNOR factory fluted.My barrel shoots 1/3 min on a remmy 700 in 6mm.

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