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Thread: DNA against Poaching

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    DNA against Poaching

    Have had a few discussions of late regarding the possible use of DNA in the battle against poachers.The scenarios that have been put to me are A) that you are out walking your ground and come across a gralloch or legs that you know are not from your legitimate deer mangement. The DNA profile of the deer could be taken and if immediate suspicion fell on likely suspects and their property searched, any deer found on their premises could be linked to the gralloch you found. Also there is a possiblity of obtaining the DNA profile of the person who removed the legs and compared to the suspects (on the assumption that they were not wearing gloves.) The other source of human DNA at a gralloch site is from the inside of discarded gloves. and B) That persons on being caught with deer in their vehicle having been seen coming from ground could have the profile of the deer in their possession taken and the area searched in the hope of finding matching gralloch/legs.

    Whilst DNA profiling is a huge evidentual tool in the fight against crime I am yet to be convinced of it's use against poachers. "Yes guv I gralloched the deer there but shot it on my own ground elsewhere" "Yes I dumped the gralloch there so as not to encourage foxes on my own ground" A fox lifts a deer leg from one place and leaves it another. Roe kids normally being born as twins. As in humans do they have the same profile.

    Any other thoughts on the matter.
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    Cannot see it happening as let's face they cannot investigate other matters so this will be very low on their priority list then there is the cost and manpower........................................ see what I mean.. Sounds good but it will be just so much hot air to make it look like they are on the ball.

    Reported hare courses got incident number and one month later still waiting to see a copper here about it.

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    It's already been done

    BBC News - Human DNA trap set for deer poachers

    There is also a DNA database of Deer at Leicester university
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