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Thread: Introduction.... Living in Kent, new to stalking deer. Looking for advice

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    Introduction.... Living in Kent, new to stalking deer. Looking for advice

    Hi all,

    I am new to deer stalking but an experienced shot (if not a little rusty) Grew up in rural Australia where rabbits and roo's were the normal quarry. Since immigrating to the UK I have taken up clay busting with the very occasional driven shoot (Pheasants).

    My yearning to go hunting again has led me to apply for my FAC (and to enjoy the ridicolous wait!) I have (or at least expecting to have anytime in the next 3 months) a 243 and 308 on my licence but with a caveat that I show use of the 308 for hunting within 3 months of my licence being approved. All very logical and quite progressive considering some of the hoops I have heard other forces making people jump through.

    My reason for joining the site was to hear and share opinions with like minded people. Could anyone direct me towards an appropriate mentor for deer stalking in Kent. As it will be the first time I have stalked and shot deer, I am hoping someone who will show me good value for money and give me a good introduction to stalking.

    Not looking for anything flash, just some recommendations of people with experience and patience who will take the time to teach me properly.

    Many thanks in advnace for your help and suggestions.


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    Welcome to the site, drop Sikamalc a pm he may be able to help, he is away this weekend - next week should get him.

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    British Deer Society and BASC run a Deer Stalking Certificate. It will give you a head start on all the theory behind Deer Stalking. Well worth the money as there is so much to think about if you want to do it well. Most people I know have done this and then gone on to be mentored giving them the practical experience.

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    Tikka T3 on this site will I am sure not object to a PM as someone possibly close to you.

    Agree with the pointer to DSCL1 - there are plenty of providers out there now, so go for it! Jelen are probably one of the bigger independent providers and have a good reputation.
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    Many thanks for the postive replies. I will be certainly looking to complete the DSC L1 this year. The next local course isn't until mid-year and whilst it is probably the wrong way around I need to complete a deer stalk within 3 months to fulfil my obligations with Kent Police. Hence I need a very understanding and patient mentor.

    As for the PM suggestions, I will be sure to follow them through, thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

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