View Poll Results: What do you want your dog to do once it has tracked and Found a wounded Deer?

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  • Drag it / Pin it down until it is dead or you get there?

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  • Keep following it or try and bring it to bay?

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Thread: What do you want from your Deer Dog?

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    What do you want from your Deer Dog?

    What do you want your dog to do once it has tracked and Found a wounded Deer?

    I have read a few posts about dogs keeping a deer at bay, or needing a handgun to finish of a deer at bay.

    So I got to wondering what others do.

    I use a German Wirehaired and would not be without one. It will retrive Roe and Muntjac! and has even dragged down biggest Sika and woodland Red Stags.

    I personally would not give house room to a dog that did not bring the deer down.

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    I want the dog to identify the position of the deer so I can do a safe follow up shot. Dogs can get hurt running in on wounded beasts.


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    As i live in scotland and the forests are quite dence espically with sitka spruce. If your wounded deer has ran into thick cover and you are not able to follow up with the dog, it would be best for me to get the dog to go in and pin it down and then drag it. But with different situations where you are on open land or woodlands you can have the dog find the position of the deer and you can follow up and finish it off with another shot.

    Remember scotland and england's landscape is different, from scotland being mainly commerical forestry and to englands open woodland.


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    I have asked JayB to edit the poll to include your option, as I cannot edit it.

    I had not really thought about ground open enough to allow a shot, If the ground is open I dont use a dog, and the cover is far too thick to be able to seen the deer.

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    I want the deer asap. I've had deer dogs for about 15yrs now and what shocked me was how readily a dog will bring big deer down.

    I suppose there is a risk of the dog being hurt, the most injuries I've had with my dogs have been with branches .

    I've had a couple of dogs who bayed, that was down to their temperament rather than training. I worked them alongside dogs .which would take down deer, which was a very useful combination.

    I found that working deer dogs is so much different than gundogs , and once the basic obedience is in place then I work to the individuals dogs strengths it's a far more fluid training process.
    I've never used false blood trails as I've had enough dead deer in the field to create scenarios for young dogs to work on as well as teaming young and older dogs together.

    My methods have been pretty add hoc , but have worked , I do mean to get another pup soon and follow a prescribed method.

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    +1 for what Markh said. But as Bambislayer says you can train your dog to suit your stalking conditions.

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    Everyone has there own opinions and it has to suit the stalkers conditions, dispatching the deer safely and cleanly is the main thing.

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    Seeing as I use a fox terrier I cannot really expect him to drag them down, although I'm sure he wouldn't agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When I worked as part of a contracting team we had Labradors that were excellent at following blood trails and would not think twice at engaging with any deer.
    Unfortunately my bitch was a little too laid back but the other labs were very proficient both in daylight and at night!

    Slightly off topic but one the dogs loved vegetables, I had never seen a lab eat cabbage leaves before but old Brody loved the stuff!

    All the best


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    hi i also have a gwp which im training for stalikng and rough shooting, can i expect her to drag down fallow and roe even though shes a bitch?? iv seen her get hold of a fox once and that wasnt pretty so i think she has it in her

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