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Thread: Scandinavian knives

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    Scandinavian knives

    I have the eka swingblade and am very pleased with it but it only gets used for gralloch and skinning so I'm looking for a good general purpose knife. Anyone got a knife from Helle?. I like the sound of the laminated steel they seem to use.
    I like the scandinavian style of knife in general, they seem to manage quite well with blades of around 3 1/2" when a lot of others make some whoppers!.
    Just general, hopefully informed, opinions please.



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    Hi mate,

    Iv got a little Helle knife. Great wee thing.

    Great steel, keeps an edge really well. The other thing i love about this knife is the thickness of the blade. Perfect for gralloching. By far the best knife iv ever come across.

    Regards, Dan.

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    I'll second that, brilliant blade. Had one for years.

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    Best general purpouse knife I have is a 12 quid Mora clipper.
    I don`t have any experience of the Helle knifes though sorry.

    I realise you are probably looking for a quality knife, but to my mind,(and I have LOTS of knifes), the Mora is way up there !


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    I have a Frosts (made by Mora?) carbon steel bladed thing that cost me 5 from a Phoenix meet at Bisley about 10 years ago. It's a brilliant knife. The blade is about 4mm thick, so extremely strong, but holds an edge extremely well. The only downside is, being carbon steel, it does tend to form a thin film of rust which looks unsightly, but a quick rub with a bit of oily rag soon sorts that.

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    I too have frosts mora clipper. It has been all over the world with me from south america to iraq and back to its motherland (its still with me in england i didnt leave it in norway). cant go wrong seeing as its only about 10

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    I have a green handled Mora,41/4 inch blade.It holds a great edge. Got it off fleabay a couple of years ago for 25 Euro or so.

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    Well mines has a Ray Mears logo,,,,,so there!!!

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    i use the orange/black handled mora knives they show up and are easier not to lose when out in the woods
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