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Thread: Top sausage recipe!!

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    Top sausage recipe!!

    For several years now I have been developing this recipe and have guarded it closely as I make hundreds of them and have never had a complaint - just the opposite! I don't know why I have kept it to myself though really and feel it is now perfected enough to share! I have a quality red/mulled wine wine too which comes out at Chrismas which I will post once I can get round to typing it out!
    Sausage Recipe
    Base Mix:

    VENISON - 10kg
    SUGAR - 3 hpd tbsp
    SAGE - 2 hpd tbsp
    BLACK PEPPER - 1 lvl tbsp
    GARLIC GRANULES - 1 lvl tbsp
    NUTMEG - 1 lvl tbsp
    RUSK - 1kg (Plus equivalent Volume of water, normally 2 ltr)
    (Salt is not required if using bacon instead of pure pork fat.)
    For CHILLI - 1 hpd tspn chilli powder per 2.5kg OF MIX.


    Chop all meat & bacon into smallish pieces that will fit into the mincer and chill.
    Add remaining herbs and spices to dry rusk and mix thoroughly. Add water, lightly mix and chill.
    Add rusk and spices to meat chunks and mix roughly. (The mincer does the rest!)
    Put mix through a coarse mincer disc (I use 8mm) and mix again by hand if required. Chill mix prior to stuffing skins. A small amount of cold water can be added and mixture kneaded prior to stuffing if it is too stiff but this shouldn’t be necessary.
    Stuff mixture into 32/34 mm natural Hog casings which should be rehydrated and flushed through thoroughly.
    This should produce about 20kg (40lb) of sausages.
    The base mix alone makes a lovely plain sausage with a hint of garlic/herb.
    The cooking bacon you can get from supermarket in vacuum packs. Look for the orange ones as they normally have a bit of smoked in which adds to the final flavour too! Keep the label for traceability purposes if intending to sell and don't forget to declare the tax!

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    Cheers,sounds lovely,now all i have to do is get me a deer.

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    I'm drooling already!!


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    Thanks Monkey

    Cheers i've printed this off and will give it a go

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    Exactly a recipe ive been looking for, thanks, will put it to good use next week.

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    sausage recipe

    Sorry to be pedantic but what kind of sugar (brown, white,demearra etc)
    and what kind of rusk (pinhead,coarse etc) I want to get it right! Thanks

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    Re: sausage recipe

    Quote Originally Posted by bwana
    Sorry to be pedantic but what kind of sugar (brown, white,demearra etc)
    and what kind of rusk (pinhead,coarse etc) I want to get it right! Thanks
    I use normal white sugar in my chilli and plain ones and Brown/Demerara in my Red wime ones.
    As for rusk, I use 'pinhead' from scobiesdirect.
    Must get around to posting the Red wine recipe too!

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    Monkey Spanker
    Thanks for the sausage recipe , I allways STRUGGLE WITH THE CRUMB MIX BIT ,and the Fat content , I just now stick to small batches , 2kg meat mix+ 1kg pork belly, 140gr crumbmix ,150gr water. Seasoning to taste . Just knocking up a Leek and onion combo and a Mexican chilli combo for the forthcomming BBQ SEASON!!
    happy as Larry .
    regards Trapper

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    Well the Sausage event went well .
    Just had loads of fun making them ,

    QUALITY TIME with my granddaughter. quality food , and she thinks this is really KOOL.

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    who is the fella on top of the chiller?

    cool set up roy, and looks like a cracking product too!


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