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Thread: Boar in Sweden. Warning cold photos

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    Boar in Sweden. Warning cold photos

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    I visited a friend near Gothenburg last weekend to try my luck sitting out for the boar close to the full moon. The trip had been planned a while ago so the cold weather looked a bit daunting.

    Klaus collected me at the airport and had told me that we would go straight out to a forest so I should change in the handicapped loo in the airport. I felt some prat struggling in to my hunting clothes[several layers of everything] and then waddling out to meet him in the carpark.

    However an hour later I was sitting in a small hut clutching a 300 WinMag and a flask of coffee. After about 15 minutes a fox strolled into the clearing and I considered it but let it go. About an hour later when I was starting to appreciate the cold I saw movement at the far end of the clearing. A quick look through the bins confirmed 2 little piggies. They made their way up the side of the clearing and had a couple of runs up to the pile of sugarbeet.The larger presented a broadside shot and I put the red dot of the scope just behind his shoulder and squeezed.

    The only movement he made was down.The other pig made a couple of circles and disappeared in a puff of snow.This one dressed out at 43kgs.

    Klaus got one the next night at the same spot weighing 33kgs gralloched. Apart from disturbing 4 or 5 pigs from a feed place as we drove out the next night that was all we saw.

    Monday night had me in another hut in a different forest.The forester had found signs there of 2 boar fighting and reckoned it was worth a try.Looking at the hoofprints,the torn up ground and the blood spattered I was game for it. So I prepared for a long wait as the big boar will often not come out til late.

    Layered in as much woolen clothing as I could get on I pulled on an ansitzsack and spent the next 8 hours watching several different roe bucks and does coming to feed from a bale of silage. They were about 30 meters away and eventually I started playing games with them. It was a long night ! Their hearing is incredible! Unwrapping a sweet had their ears pricked up and even clicking my tongue softly had their attention.

    Klaus picked me up at 3am and when I stepped into the open air the cold hit me.Wow ! The thermometer in the car indicated -22C.

    So 2 pigs for the weekend in freezing conditions. People ask me why I do it,cos I cant at home !Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	12554Some of his trophies,New Zealand Thar,Kilbeggan Whiskey,Irish Sika,New Zealand Billygoat.
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    Swedish house's are just not designed for shoulder mounts are they, heads need to be mounted on the skirting boards.

    Well done in getting a piggy though, does sound cold.


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    it was that cold last time i was in poland , bit nippy isnt it , soon forget when the boar turn up though . Well done , get out and do it while you can i say

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    Sounds like it was a tad colder than Hungary up there! But sounds like it was a success. I'm glad you didn't hit that fox with the win mag, there would have been nothing left but a stain in the snow :O

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    Very nice. Sounds like a great hunting experience. Congratulations

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