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Thread: New Sauer 202.

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    New Sauer 202.

    I'm currently looking to buy a new rifle and have been giving serious
    consideration to the Sauer 202 but lately i have heard from one or two
    people who own this model that their rifles have 'gone off ' whilst closing
    the bolt. Has anyone else experienced this. I would appreciate any advice
    because frankly if it is true it could be potentially serious.

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    I've had a couple of 200's a 90 and a 202, with absolutely no probs, I haven't heard of any.

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    You hear a new one every day....

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    You could always buy a Blaser !!!

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    I would be inclined to ask if those people who had rifles that had gone off when the bolt was closed were reloading their own ammo, or perhaps even they had it reloaded for them by the same person. I have an R93 and love it but there is no doubt that the 202 is a nice rifle and it was what I set out to buy before becoming diverted to the Blaser. I've never seen any reports of either of them suffering from slam fires.

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    I would say its a nasty rumour! Both myself and my business partner use Sauer 202's as our personal stalking rifles and I would say they are one of best built and smoothest factory rifles available.

    Should you be anywhere near the North West and wish to view/handle the Sauer range, just let me know as we are official dealers for Sauer in this area and I would be more than happy for you to compare them against Sako, Tikka, Steyr, etc...

    They really are a nice rifle.

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    I have had a 202 for over a year, the normal trigger is set quite light and it has never gone off by accident, not even when the set trigger is activated which only takes a gnats fart to set it off.

    Never read about the problem before either.

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    Have a 202 as above for a few years now, no problems with factory or home loads.

    Exellent all round stalking rifle highly recomended.


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    I to have a left hand sauer 202 No problems. Actually like the safety catch set up as all you do is push up when ready to fire.

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    Very nice safety on the sauer ,a lot smoother ,and easier to use than the safety on them old blaser r93 imo ....incoming

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