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    A Bit Miffed

    Well; "bloody annoyed" would be a more accurate description. I heard last week that it's going to be made illegal for private individuals to weigh in scrap for cash. What am I now to do with the slowly growing pile of scrap brass I have? Last time I weighed some in it was fetching slightly more per kilo than a shot roe and 8kg got me just short of £20.Apparently this is due to the sharp rise in metal theft. Of course, this won't affect that at all, seeing as those stealing the copper/lead, whatever are selling it to people just as bent as themselves and will continue to do so after the selling of it has been made illegal. Perhaps they ought to concentrate more on catching the ones doing the stealing (that's already illegal, isn't it?) rather than faffing about penalising people acting within the law.
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    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
    How are the scrap dealers taking this?? Retraining for a different job?? ~Muir

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    Its not a ban on weighing in, just for cash transactions isn't it? It looks like the bill has been rejected for the time being anyway...

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    Get prepared for a lot more burglaries if the "easy" option of metal theft is clamped down on...

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    my local dealer won't accept used brass anyway ...................
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    Actually if they want to be awkward the Police can stop you and issue a fixed penalty notice for £300 as Hunberside and Lincolnshire appear to be doing according to BBC's Look North programme as you need a licence from the Council to transport waste. It was reported on a clamp down on metal thefts.

    Now they are just doing random stop and searches of vehicles which is possibly dubious on legal standings? and if they find any metal being moved by said vehicle without say a receipt from a metal stock holder ect then they issue a fixed penalty notice as there is no need to prove in court that you broke the Law and the £300 is more than the courts are likely to award as a fine. Add the fact that I understand the Police get to keep a larger percentage of the monies raised by these fixed penalty fines:-

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    Is a lot closer tot eh truth that many believe.

    Will see as when the weather improves a bit we have to continue cleari
    ng out 1/4 century of accumulated scrap. Tucked away is the roof skin of an old caravan dad insisted on keeping, alloy of course, it has never been used so despite what he says "it might come in handy" it's heading to the scrappie. As we also have a large air tank that is about 2 1/2 foot in diameter and 6 feet long sitting on a RSJ frame we might have to get the scrap wagon in to take it away so depending on the charges perhaps it might be worth having them take the alloy sheet etc at the same time. I took the bags and bins of swarfe down a couple of months ago in the small trailer that had built up in dads workshop.

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    if the scrappies werent so bent then it wouldnt have to be legislated for.
    I dropped off a boot full of assorted stuff at out local scrappy and the "misc" pile was full of council road work fencing, bikes with the frames cut to get the locks off, Gas bottles (which legally belong to Calor and shouldnt be in scrap anyway)!
    all this before I got the "lead" pile. straight off a roof in huge sheets.
    cash no questions asked.

    local police here visit them daily to see what was nicked the night before.

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