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Thread: What breed

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    What breed

    I'm not wanting to start a debate on what is best , but just to see what people are using.

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    I use a lab, although I have a cocker that is showing interest They're both gundogs, so deer are a part-time vocation for them, but in an ideal world I'd have a dedicated deer dog (a GWP or similar - if mrs_willie_gunn would allow it!).


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    Hi all, i use a lab which works both deer and birds (soon to be mated to a dedicated deer dog)

    How much stalking do you think we need to be doing (days per week/month) to justify having a dedicated deer dog?????


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    I use a vizsla,and im bringing on her 1 year old pup at the momment in my humble opinion if you stalk as little as 1 day you should have a dog

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    I use a Patterdale for now.
    He is enthusiastic but does have his limitations. Tough terrain and light blood trails are beyond his capabilities but he is fantastic company and has a heart of gold.

    Pretty keen on a Wire Haired Viszla as my next deer dog.

    All the best


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    Stalking: One day, one week, one month, one year makes no difference, one day something will go wrong and that is the day you wish you had a dog.

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    I think has it ,anyway I prefer the company of my dogs, they just get on and dont argue with me !Great company in the dark awaiting dawn or dusk and forever giving , give me a dog anytime , breed or pedigree , not at all a concern , for me anyway , so long as fit for purpose .Although I have a HPR, i also have a muttley just as keen .Thanks for the company of dogs.

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    So you should have a specialist dog waiting all year in the kennel for the day you take it stalking how would you train such a dog???

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    A bit of topic but we must remember, just because you are a stalker it doesnt mean you are a dog person [it's a fact some people prefer cats , my dogs prefer cats to pedigree chum ] or have a lifestyle that will permit owning a dog.
    Us with dogs will know the commitment and time it takes to have a decent deer dog , how is someone living in a flat in Glasgow , who through no fault of his/her own only gets 3 outings a year going to own a deer dog?
    I think it is better that us who own deer dogs make our dogs available to those who don't.
    It's ironic that for a dog to achieve it's potential it must get experience however the one thing that we don't want to do is give that dog experience

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    Very true what you say BS. I live out in the forest only one neighbour withinn 1 km. When you work dogs its second nature to have a dog out with you. You do tend to forget that not everone is as lucky and has access to the wide open spaces and a resonable amount of game or time.
    Myself if i hav'nt got a dog by my side when out hunting then its like I've left a vital piece of hunting gear home.

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