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    It was a bitterly cold day, but after dropping the wife and carpet monkey off at work and Pre-school respectively, I was off to my permission. I was thermaled up and dressed for the weather. I got there at about 9 ish and not expecting there to be many rabbits about, I wasnít going to be dissapionted.I got my self sorted out and loaded up the .17 up (Mossberg 817 with vector optics 6-25x56FFP) and set off with not a breath of wind. There I was prone on the top of the quarry with a good view over most of the areas that I have seen loads of rabbits in the past. I settled in for a long wait (not the best weather for it) to see what came a long. After about 10 minuets I was shocked, and pleased to see two Munties make their way over the right hand lip thatís just scree and spoil (which is where most of the rabbits are seen) and make their way into some scrub at the far end.Shortly after the mmmmmunties passed through, a couple of thumpers made an appearance near the quarry entrance at about 134 Yrds and off to the left of where the deer had gone from view. I watched them for a while thinking that there would be others along soon. There werenít. I thought that this might be the ideal opportunity to try out the ballistic table that Iíd made up a few weeks ago. Lased the range and it was pretty much at my zero point (zeroed at 50 yrds 0.3Ē low), put the cross hairs on the engine house and let it go. Down went my longest range kill, I was I have to admit rather pleased with myself.Not being one to waist too much energy, I left it there and waited to see if there might be others along. I waited for a while and then another poped out a bit further away (173 yrds). As it was I feeling confident after the first shot, so thought what the hell? I dialled in the required 1.5 MOA to allow for the 3Ē of drop, and sent it on itís way. My grin got bigger as that one rolled over and didnít move.Now I was getting a little chilly by this point and as the car and brew kit was closer than the 2 dead rabbits, the brew kit won that contest. Warm, fed and, watered I went back to see if any other rabbits were as stupid as me being out in the cold.It took a while, but another couple were about, but none were static in a position that I could take a shot. Branches and the like in the way. That is until in the same area as the 2 dead ones were lying, there are 2 of them chasing each other. I lase the range (178 yrds) and allow for the 3.5Ē drop, and the third of the day is down. I gave it a little longer to see if any others show but to no avail.So cold and stiff I make my way round to the bodies, paunch them and off back to the car with a big smile.Iíve heard of the tales of the 200 yrd head shots, but took them with a pinch of salt. The .17HMR is a good round but I have to admit being a bit sceptical. Though in the course of 3 of the longest range shots I have ever attempted, I have to say Iím convinced, and I donít consider my self a crack shot.It was home via the butchers and £5 in hand a warn in front of the fire with smile still in place, not that the wife was impressed ďThatís nice dearĒ.Iím looking forward to the next outing, though I doubt that Iíll be as lucky with the wind. Though it would be a chance to try out the anemometer that arrived the other day.

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    Why do my paragraphs always dissapear on this forum?

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    Well done Geordie - and nice to see the Munties there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geordie_3 View Post
    Why do my paragraphs always dissapear on this forum?
    Try doing a preview before you post it.

    Good shooting.

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