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    Hi guys,

    just got a remi 700 vls. Are there any stock options other then the aics system which will allow me to change it from a base plate to a magazine feed?? Does anyone one know what weight the ai stock is compared to the standard laminate one which is on it now?

    Cheers rob

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    Armalon have done magazine conversions aimed at the PR shooter for many years. There are probably others after all the Rem 700 is the rifle worlds "Ford Escort" and bolt on bits are common for both.

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    Various companies do replacement bottom metal that will take an AI mag. These are designed to replace the existing hinged floor plate and fit into an existing stock, albeit I understand that some fettling is usually required. If you want to buy British, Anglo custom do one.

    If its a whole new stock with a built in mag system that you're after, the AICS works well for some applications, but is heavy. I had a rifle stocked with an AICS. It was great for prone shooting off a bipod or from the rail of a high seat, but not so good for sitting or standing shots of sticks. It was not designed for that. Not sure what it weighed.

    I recently read an article in a mag about an alternative. Its an exoskeleton system that fits around a Rem 700 and makes it look like an assault rifle. It has a detachable mag. It apparently works well, but is very tactical looking, so perhaps not for those who like the more traditional look. I think the mag was Shooting Sports, but if your interested I can PM the details.



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    any decent after market stock can be fitted with a aics mag and badger type bottom metal ,it takes a little inleting and i used third eye tactical bottom metals , south yorkshire shooting supplies also sell some ,and midway uk sell tac mag systems also ,and they need to be inleted then bedded into place with the correct size pillars to make sure it is perfectly aligned to pick up the rounds from the mag ,do it at the same time as bedding the rifle action to the stock
    i would look at the mcmillan tactical stocks or darrel holland thumbhole stocks i think they look better with the ai mag system
    but everyone has differnt tastes

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    Also here about half way down the page. Pricey though...

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    I got a choate tactical stock,and RHINO rifles floor plate.These take AIcs (remmy) mags.You need to do a bit of fitting, but all mag floor plate's need it. stock.
    Its the cheapest kit to use and feeds 100%
    HS are dropin,but the mag feed not so good and the kit's expensive.
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    +1 the Rhino rifles floor plate is an excellent piece of kit. make sure you buy the AICS mags as the standard Ai mags they are slightly different the latter don;t work very well in remington rifles.

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    think thers a rem 700 mag conversion for sale on hear i saw to night. I have the AI conversion and its a lot heavyer than the standers stock i no bell and carlson do some nice stocks for the rem 700 look at rimfire magic web site! they do mag conversions and stocks for the rem. but ring them as ther a bit bad with the email but rodger is a good bloke ATB tim

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