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Thread: venison tartare

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    venison tartare

    had this the other day in a restaurant.
    plenty of capers and mustard

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    Oh yes - a lovely dish. I used to sell this made from fillet steak years ago until some wise guy asked for it to be cooked medium rare!!
    Crushed garlic, finely chopped shallots, gherkins and capers, fresh parsley, salt and black pepper. Finely chop the meat - don't mince. Use prime cuts such as lean meet from the loin. Bind the meat with with the rest of the ingredients using raw egg white. Mould it into a round pattie make a little well in the middle and put the egg yolk.

    After one of these you should be howling at the full moon and biting the dog!!

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    sounds spectacular I will need to give that a go next time I butcher an animal


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    sounds very nice, going to try this soon

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    Can any one tell the whole recipe along with the amount of ingredients used?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulLerley View Post
    Can any one tell the whole recipe along with the amount of ingredients used?
    Try this one: Steak tartare recipe - Telegraph or, if you can bear the suggestion of using a mincer, this one: Venison Tartare Recipe : Marco Pierre White Recipes | LifeStyle FOOD

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    i wa working in france few years ago and ordered steak tartare for lunch at a restaurant

    i didnt know it was basically raw mince with a raw egg in the middle.....

    apparently my face was a picture when it was plonked down in front of me!!!!

    but i thought bugger it i ordered it ill eat it .....

    it was bloody amazing!!!!! was expecting to have a problem with the rear end thru the eye of a needle or major stomach problems after it but nope

    sitting in a outside decking in a fancy place in marsaille main harbour front with steak tartare and a chilled bottle of rose' was good!!!!!!!!

    would have again


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    going to give it a whirl this week, will report back


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    the beauty of the recipe it is entirely individual.
    A friend ordered it once and it came "unassembled", he got to choose how much mustard, how many capers, how much salt and pepper etc etc.

    so long as you have plenty of salt and pepper, egg, chopped capers, spot of mustard to taste. I think using ketchup is just plain wrong!
    if you want the taste fry off some tomato puree

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    Tried the piere white recipie. v nice but not being used to it only managed 1/2 of it before I fried the last 1/2 up and had a v expensive burger!!


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