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Thread: Scope mount height?

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    Scope mount height?

    I've just had a change round with my scopes off the back of changing rifles, the scope objective sits 5mm off the barrel, will I gain anything in purchasing shorter mounts or not? If so what are they? It's an 8x56.


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    It's personal choice, personally I have the scope as low as poss.,
    I suppose the hight of the cheek piece has alot to do with it, It's best not to have your head lifted of the stock.

    You have to watch the scopes not touching the barrel.

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    Agree with Bambislayer - get it as low as possible, but more importantly when you bring you rifle up is the scope centred in your vision or do you have to raise or lower your head.

    Try it - if it feels OK then keep it as is and save your pennies. You will need to check on your mount heights and the height of the next one down - the difference between medium and high is approx 5mm but would depend on brand and type. - have a look at most mount manufacturers websites - you will find drawings and tables givig the critical dimensions. It may be that if you go to a medium mount (assuming you have high mounts) then you wo't have enough clearance.

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    It makes sense to have the line of sight as close to the line of the barrel as possible, but your shooting comfort and position are equally important. 5mm sounds OK to me.

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    Comfort above all else I'd's no use having an ultra low line of sight if it feels akward,plus there is no advantage of getting your scope 5mm closer to the barrel (is there?)You can always add to the comb/cheekpiece if current setting is a bit high in order to centre your view.

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    If you have been fitted for a shot gun, or have a shot gun that fits you then just set the centreline of your 'scope so that it has the either the same or slightly less "drop" at heel to axis of the 'scope as on your shotgun has from heel to barrel rib.

    That way when you mount the rifle your eye should look straight down the tube. As most rifles should have less "drop" than a shot gun anyway (if you measure against the top of the barrel or barrel rib) then it is fairly easy to set up.

    If you are long faced or fat in the cheek you will require a higher set of rings than if you are of "normal" face.

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    One other thing to be aware of is that any scope covers that you might wish to use will fit once the scope is mounted. I'd guess that the Butler Creek ones I have fitted are worth 2 - 3mm.

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    I shaved a small amount off my Butler Creek covers and they just clear the barrel.

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    If you close your eyes and mount your rifle then open your eyes, if you have a full sight picture in your scope all is well, if not and you have to raise your cheek off the stock or push your cheek into the stock (unlikely with a 56mm Lens) then you need to drop your scope or raise your cheek piece if you want to get perfect scope fit.

    I brought 3 sets of mounts before I got my latest scope mounting perfect. If you have Weaver bases beware of using high mounts for a 56mm scope as medium or even low mounts will work with this set up.

    Best rgds


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rack
    I shaved a small amount off my Butler Creek covers and they just clear the barrel.
    I cut about one third off the bottom of the circumference mine and used a couple of turns of black electrical tape to prevent the cover moving or falling off. Just another tip if there is a lack of space.

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