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Thread: RCBS \competition diesv normal

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    RCBS \competition diesv normal

    Well i've been buying a few things to get me started homeloading and the next thing should have been the first really, is a set of .243 dies.I've spotted a set of RCBS competition dies in my local gun shop sitting on the shelf for 80, the black ones with the bullet seater hole in the top.
    My question is what's the difference, because there's a hell of a difference in price between the regular set of dies for 30.
    Do i need the competition set,a friend has suggested if you going to buuy any set by the competition set Any advice would be grateful.
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    my two pence worth is i dont think you will notice any difference in competition dies to normal ones my loads dont shoot any less accurate to my mate who uses comp cies and i can also get my classic loader to produce great loads depends if money is an issue if you start reloading and decide its not for you will you get your money back . a set of dies be it com or normal ones will last a lifetime ,atb wayne

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    The RCBS competiton dies have a micrometer adjustment giving you a precise seating depth figure, the dies are also supposed to be built to a finer tollerance. Will they make a difference over standard RCBS dies ? - maybe for benchrest shooters - I would go for standard RCBS dies and spend the money you'll save on Hornady Lock-N-Load press bushes.

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