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    sportac moderator

    Hello, anybody got any views on the sportac moderator, (on a 308 700 remington) with regards to performce etc. made I believe in yorkshire.

    cheers Jon

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    I have one on my .223, well made with an alloy body and stainless baffles, at least as good as any other I have used with regard to noise reduction also a bit slimmer than most. Only 2 sizes available, size 1 up to and including 6mm/.243. size 2 for above (not sure of max calibre). replaceble bush as well so can be changed for different thread sizes and can be stripped for cleaning.
    Roger at south yorkshire shooting supplies is the supplier.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    cheers pal, bought one today i believe at the right price of 150 second hand excellent condition, local gunshop did not know much about it but for me it look sound from a manufacturing point of view

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