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Thread: Personal avatars - Are they copyrighted?

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    Personal avatars - Are they copyrighted?

    Just asking for a bit of general information here regarding copyrights and avatars.
    If someone designs their own personal avatar from a photo that they hold the copyright for does that avatar remain under copyright or is the avatar made available for general use without permission from the "creator" as only a section of the copyrighted photo has been used?
    Any thoughts guys?

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    Yes they are imho

    atb Heugal

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    That's me ****** then
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    That's me ****** then
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    i like your avatar mate mind if i use it?

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    Whats the original copyright picture and do you actually hold the legal entitlement to the copyright?

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    Mine is a personal creation

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    I can't imagine anyone on here wanting my organ, so am not too concerned.

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