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Thread: Are we mad......?

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    Are we mad......?

    Sitting in a highseat this morning, the ground so crunchy stalking on foot was a non starter and feeling the full chill of the minus 15 or so we experienced last night I did momentarily question why I wasn't tucked up warm in bed. It was beautiful though, but sadly a bit too cold even for the deer, so on my return home I thought I'd prep the munty I shot last night, nice thought, however it is now frozen solid.......hmmm, bacon bap and a coffee instead me thinks!

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    I too wondered why I went out this morning as it was impossible to move about unheard, couldn't even hear my squeaky mouflons!
    Did see a few roe in the remains of a maize strip, however no need to take any of these, I was hoping for a muntjac.
    To warm up I spent the time checking pheasant feeders and came home for egg on toast. Was good to be out though

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    I know why i didnt go out this morning, although i was up and read at 5.30am, its because it is pi**ing it down up here in gods country.

    Ohh! and its + 4 deg C

    ATB Barry
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    It was -11 on the thermometer I have on the dogs run here. Bright sunshine too. The dogs all stayed in last night and one of them is snoring loudly as I type!

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