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Thread: Stalking near Fort William

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    Stalking near Fort William

    Hi all,

    I am spending the week 25th feb - 3rd march in Corran just S of Fort William; and I have permission for one stalking outing! I am hoping someone can help, I'm quite happy to either go with a standard commercial outfitter or if a private stalker wishes to come to some arrangement that would be cool. I am pretty fit, I do heavy work outdoors, and am totally prepared to muck in with extraction etc.

    I have been stalking for a couple of years and have just got to the point of feeling confident to go it alone, although my gralloching is still a bit rusty and longwinded! I have the usual BDS membership and open cert etc. I was planning to bring my own rifle.

    I know IanF off here and I hope he will vouch for my genuineness on all the above points if anyone requires that!

    After the next 24 hours I will be largely off the Internet for the next 10 days as I'm away with work, however, I should be able to pick up texts and voicemails on 07771367725 intermittently. I appreciate that's not very convenient but sadly it's just something I have no control over!

    I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out!

    Many regards


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    PM Corky, he is down in Oban. He might be able to help.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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