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Thread: A very old soldier?

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    A very old soldier?

    Anyone into .410's in a big way?........... I need some age/ maker related info for a very sorry looking individual here!, The barrel has the usual bead foresight, layout looks exactly like a Webley & Scott make, but the safety arrangement is a little spring steel clip type thing on the outside of the receiver, (Left side),Trigger is a simple, one piece, with five serrations for the finger pad, this trigger just dis-engages the blocking piece to which it is attached by one cross pin, the other end of the blocking piece is fixed with a cheese head screw, marks on the barrel are many,reading from the muzzle direction back to the chamber end, 416 faint crown?, two more faint crowns?, over NP, Nitro, faint illegible mark over V?, 2 1/2", over 7/16?...... R (crossed hammers / axes?) C. The stock was a simple soft wood affair that has been badly wormed. Bolt is knurled for grip on cocking, & is only removable by drawing the trigger downward, as opposed to pulling back on Webley's.Just found a couple more marks, on underside of barrel where bluing survives 44 where barrel enters receiver / chamber block & another 4 between the stock screw fixing point / cheese head screw.
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