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Thread: Size for Ammo safe?

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    Size for Ammo safe?

    Hi there,
    I'm leading up to applying for my FAC, and so need an ammo safe. Got my cabinet sorted already.
    I'm going to need storage for maximum of 250 rounds of .243 ammo, and possible 1000 of .22lr (if my permission get passed for this).
    What size safe would i need to fit this in? Seen one on argos for about 30 which is external size of 20x31x20 cms, is this big enough??
    Thanks for your help

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    Only guessing but probably not. If they were the internal dimensions it might be big enough. Just make sure you can bolt your safe to a wall and it is secure enough to be approved. 30 for a new safe sounds cheap to me.

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    I started off with a tiny safe - now i'm using 2, 2 shotgun breakdown safes. You can never have enough room - you'll soon be after a larger calibre/exotic calibre so you might as well think big now. And you might also want ( see thread on this) to put your bolts and mags into the safe too. Notts Police require it even tho there is some debate whether it's a requirement under your FAC.

    Ps welcome to the FAC owners club - hope your application goes well - keep us posted


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    Two years ago, after years of piling up rifle ammunition next to some guns in a separate cabinet from the rifles, I bought a Brattonsound SC2S. I now have plenty of room for everything.

    Much too big is definately better than slightly too small!

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    Why .243 rounds. Everyone knows that the 25.06 if a far better round. Are you a man or a mouse?

    PS. Just the fact that you're asking if it's big enough tells me that it most definately isn't! Save your money and buy something bigger if you know what I mean!

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    looking at your original post I think this would work for you, it holds 200 .308 and 100 7.5x55 along with several hundred .22 in my house so I see no problems with the .243 and a brick or 2 of .22lr and at the price if you need more space you can buy another one! (or you could just spend a lot more ) mine is bolted to the top of my cabinet.....easy
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    Thanks all for your responses,
    Like the safe in your link kenny (well like the price anyway!!), I note that they do a slightly larger one and in light of the other posters suggestions I might get that one (it's about 40 - so won't break the bank) it measures - Internal W x D x H: 340 x 200 x 240mm so hopefully that will do for a start
    Thanks all

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