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Thread: Sika stalking

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    Sika stalking

    Thursday morning saw me thrashing up the M6 to meet with Jamross65 at his stalking ground in the borders.
    Once I left the motorway the roads were about as bad as you could imagine being coated in a layer of ice so it was with some relief I arrived at the appointed meeting place.
    Off we went onto the estate and Jamross explained what we were going to do.
    I made my way to a high seat taking about 45mins to get there, all the time keeping an eye open for any signs of deer. I say any signs, what I should say is any signs of moving deer, the signs of deer where everywhere, crotties, slots, browse damage, track lines, everything you would want to see to get the excitement levels up.
    My little angel Bonnie was with me and didnt know where to turn to next going on hard point several times as we made our way through the rides to the high seat, obviously she could clearly smell what I couldnt see but I guess thats sika for you anyway.
    Arriving at the high seat I settled the dog and clomed up into position, rain wiping my face as it just about froze on the way down.
    After about 30 mins the angelic puppy below me stood and and gave me that look of 'oi you tit theyre there in front of you' and looking down to my left along the edge of the wood an absolute beauty of a sika hind stepped out about 5 feet onto the clear fell. Rifle up, cross hairs on target and....................she took off only to be followed by about 30 more sika as they broke cover and ran for about 60yds onto the clear fell. The lead hind then stopped so it was cross hairs on her again only for one of the other hinds to move directly behind her quickly followed by another. Thinking back I could probably have taken the shot but I'm happy with the decision not to. A quick look to see if anything else was clear but before I could even move the rifle they were off again to about 200 yds and hopping over the fence into the higher piece of forest, I moved the rifle onto them in case one of did the a la fox trick and stop for a last look before disappearing but no. Nothing else showed so it was down and a stop for a bite of lunch back at the vehicles.
    After lunch I was to stalk further on from where I'd tracked left to the high seat and then reach the end of the forest track and make my way back to the same high seat for the last hour. Again the little angelic GWP puppy (shes 14 months now and its amazing how her eating habits have changed, she no longer needs a cocker spaniel or a labrador in her diet on a daily basis and has settled down to a cracking stalking companion) gave hard point several times and there were lots of fresh crotties about. As I cleared the forest onto the upper part of some clear fell I could just feel the wind on the back of my neck and seconds later a hind and calf took off from over the next rise about 60yds away, no doubt having winded me. Again I was ready in the blink of an eye but they didnt stop dropping down to the forest to my right.
    Getting to the high seat I waited until dark but didnt see anything come out.
    Thanks again Jamross for a fantastic day on some stunning ground and I look forward to trying to catch up with a sika again soon.

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    Well done on seeing so many of them, at the minute I'm seeing nothing and I think the sika all go on their holidays at this time of year. One thing I've found is that although they will see you at 300+ yards even if you don't move and although you will often run even if they don't know what it was that disturbed them they are also nosey. Given this and especially if they don't get your wind a hind that runs will often circle around you to see if she can get your wind. This has advantages and disadvantages in that it might just give you the chance of a shot but on the other hand it is possible that once she does smell you she will stand around barking in the thickest bit of forest and undergrowth for ten minutes.

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    Have been in touch with Brian to arrange a couple of outings on stags during the rut
    hopefully see a few then it sounds like there,s a good few around
    Look forward to meeting you Brian and having you here for a Boar
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Glad you enjoyed it Tony

    They are as hard to find with us at this time of year than anywhere else Caorach!

    I think we were just lucky to see what we did yesterday although out today and between us counted over 20 but none were a shot for various reasons.

    Colin, I am sure you will at least see one or two when you are over, whether you get any is down to you.

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    Good write up Tony...always nice to see, maybe next time!!


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    I,M sure we will do ok Brian ,if you can get me to around 50 meter,s i should manage
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Well I just had my first visit with Brian... and I must agree some lovely ground.

    A similar plan of attack. I set off stalking towards some view points with dog in toe and she was constantly winding and pointing, there certainatlely were some interesting scents for her. I literally just arrived at a cross ride Brian had earler told me to spend a little time watching and no sooner had I glanced at it a hind walked out. Grabbing gun from shoulder and trying to move fast but without scaring her moved to the ground but was just too late she passed over. I was ready in anticipation for her followers. Then within 30 seconds a calf came out into the open but only stopped with the rump sticking out of the trees :-( That was it for the morning.

    In the evening I set off again with my trusty GWP Zelda. It was a still silent day and we had to move slowly and quietly. I imagine I had covered about 400 yds when a hind jumped over a fence about 200yds in front of me into a grazed grass field, and like a typical Sika sentry scanned the area before her 6 girlie pals and a cracking 8 point stag followed on. They broke out and onto the hill ground before they stopped to feed.

    I found myself looking onto a great banking with shelter from the elements so I anticipated deer would show before dark... one lone calf edged its way out of cover to feed. I gave it about 5 min to see if any others would show but nothing, so decided that given Sika's reputation this would be my beast. And that it was a short stalk into position and the shot was on. The calf was stood with a small pile of brash right in front of the boiler room so I took my time and made certain of its range with my trusty range finder. Nightforce dialed the calf turned and faced left perfectly broadside on and began to feed once again. A positive 'Thwaaacck' report was audiable with ease above the Jet-z silenced 6mm Evolution and the beast dropped and then a 20yd shuffle before coming to its final resting position. Well a little trail for my now very excited GWP.

    Ok there was a hike to collect my animal but the job was done and as always Zelda done her bit.

    Thanks again Brian for some fantastic shooting, hope you get more guys from here over for a stalk its well worth a visit :-)

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    Hi Tony, I'm looking for some Sika stalking how can I get in touch with Jamross65 I'm new to this forum lark so please excuse me my email address is if yourself or anyone else can help me. I work overseas so not much time at home, and I'm hoping to get a couple of stalks in at the end of August begining of September.

    Regards Derek.

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    I'm sure Jamross65 will see this post and get in touch with you directly. If not just look up his user name and send him a private message.
    You'll not go wrong with Jamross, good look.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Thanks guys, I have PM'd him.

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