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Thread: Lithium Options for lamping

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    Lithium Options for lamping

    few questions on this a while ago so I thought I would update it.

    i bought a Deben TriStar Pro LED lamp off a nice chap on here. lamp only, you can get them direct from Deben lamp only too.

    Deben wanted between 90 and 230 for a 4aH up to 22aH battery.
    Having only paid 50 for the lamp I was reluctant (and genetically tight) to spend twice that on a battery.

    bit of research shows that Lithium battery cells without the fancy case and "fuel gauge" are a 10th of the price if you shop around.
    Mine arrived this morning from China.
    a 9.8aH Lithium battery with on/off switch, input and output plug and a charger (needs an adapter to fit UK)

    Grand price of 27 with free delivery. 4.m1439.l2649#ht_3316wt_880

    now quite frankly for that price I dont care if it only turns out to be a 4aH, its still a bargain,
    got ot spliced into the Deben cable and fitted a nice chunky plug between the two.

    works a charm, about the size of a King Size packet of cigarettes and slips into any pocket

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    I looked at trying these a while ago but found that they are rated for a maximum output of around 30w so should be fine with LED lamps but would be of no use with a 50-100w filament lamp

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    Hope you get on fine with it mate,
    I have the same lamp,and the 4 ampere hour batt, but also have the 22 A/hr for my big lamp as well,
    Personally I wouldn`t hold out much hope of that battery coping with my striker lamp.


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    theres a thread on another site about these and there seems to be some concern about them blowing up when on charge,
    is this possible or not

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    You can buy ultrafire 3800mah over/under charge protected batteries at 12.28 for 6 on ebay.
    12 of these connected together correctly (4 banks of 3 in series each of the four banks connected in parallel) would give you 11.1volts output and 14.8Ah.

    in edit: These should never get to the stage of potentially exploding as they are protected
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    well I dont see why they would explode. i just left mine on charge and it doesnt even warm up let alone detonate.
    the whole point of Lithium cell design is to remove the risks and pitfalls of "charge Pressure" and memory.
    Its the reason they dont fade at the end of charge life they just cut off

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