I have a black lab bitch , good working dog. about a week ago i noticed she was putting on a bit of weight... She had been running with a black lab dog so i had my suspicions ... took her to a vet i know to get her scanned. he told me that he was" pretty sure that she was in pup.. about 4-5 weeks gone.." i took her home thought about it a while longer , i kept thinking " pretty sure" ????? I decided to get a second oppinion.. took her to another vet and he told me that she was in pup and was about 5-6 weeks gone. he gave her a jag and wormer. took almost 60 quid for his trouble , took the dog home.. my son of 7 and i knocked up a welping box on saturday in my shed , put the bitch in it . we were both keeping an eye , when he came home from school and when i got home from work. because she had about 3 weeks to go we hadnt been sitting up if you know what i mean..
when i was feeding my dogs this evening i found to my horror a black lab pup dead at the edge of the wire of the pen she had always been in. fully developed..
Is it possible that she was only having one pup, then she didnt look so big.
Is it possible that she had one earlier today and carried it outside her self.
and could she have had one earlier today and there are still more to come , she is not to keen on leaving the box ,,
thought she was maybe sickly so i tried her with some dinner , she scoffed the lot..
or could she have had the pup earlier than saturday 3 days after her scann