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    -14 This morning!

    As I set off this morning having convinced my truck to start I noted that the temperature gauge in my truck was displaying -14 degrees. Dispite being just after six the snow cover clear sky and bright moon ment that is was already light. I made my way to my choosen seat but only managed just over an hour before I decided I'd have give stalking the ground a go.
    We it was like trying to stalk on corn flakes. Loads of sign where the fallow had been through the woods and put up a few muntjac but alas no luck.
    It was such a nice morning the sun was out and the temperature was now up to a balmy -7 so I decided to put a couple of rounds on some target.
    Set up a target on a field between to gas guns that were still firing and had a few shots when I noticed a fox working the hedge towards me. Unfortunately the farmer is not keen on us shooting them so I decided to watch it for a bit.
    Now I was in the open with my truck parked about 100 m away. The fox suddenly noticed my truck and turned away from it heading across the field towards me. Keeping it's eyes on my truck it eventually got to within 10 m of me before turning it's head and noticing me.
    Well it was the sort of reaction you'd get if you'd given it an electric shock. One of the funniest thing I've seen for ages.
    Out again tomorrow to see if I have any better luck.

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    yep -13.8 on our temp gauge at home dam cold our wash basin waste frozen all day ,no stalking today we made use of a frozen pond to access the island and fell the trees ,as for the foxs they are getting a wee bit hungry now and will make sure the chucks are shut in early .

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