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Thread: Rat smoker wanted

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    Rat smoker wanted

    Anybody got a petrol chainsaw converted rat smoker they want to sell?

    Im after a decent reliable one


    UK Guy

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    Put an add in the free adds or look on ebay for a knackered chainsaw...........mix your fuel with lots of oil, hose on the exhaust, no chain n bar and rats wont like it ))

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Class... That did make me smile..

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    I've got a small sthil chainsaw but no way of connecting a pipe on the exhaust

    Easier if I just keep that for sawing and buy a ready one for rats

    UK Guy

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    Small strimmer is better, you want one with the throttle on the shaft, the exhaust will have a small pipe coming of it, cut a 1/2 inch copper pipe about a foot long attach this with self tapping screws, if you go to a local dairy farm ask for a piece of milking tube which should slide on nicely this will allow you to get the fumes well into ground, don,t mix the petrol above the recommended rate as this causes problems with the engine and does not make any difference to the rats, mine is a small stihl.

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    "mine is a small stihl. ".... and mine is still small.

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    get a ratatak smoker , their very good , i think arthur carter do them

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    we used to use an old strimmer engine mounted on an old rucksack frame if that gives you any ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    get a ratatak smoker , their very good , i think arthur carter do them
    I've seen these but they run on gas canisters and don't think I would get it pumping down the hole well. I've heard some bad reports re these.

    I have seen a petrol air blower which has been converted to exhaust the fumes down the blowe pipe... This may be good but I think they want 190 each but looks like a cheap blower so probs won't last.

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