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Thread: Cartridge Collecting?

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    Question Cartridge Collecting?

    Anyone else on SD collect sporting rifle cartridges? My collection started many years ago when I found a 7 X 64 left in a high seat near Inverness by a European visitor. Since then I've sourced over 200 from here and abroad. I bought some from ACS when they were active and also directly from Kynoch.

    I'm particularly interested in obtaining old European specimens if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    Another sub collection I have difficulty keeping up with are the "Wildcats"! They are continually evolving!

    I realise this might not be an appropriate post for this forum but if anyone can help I'm willing to pay a fair price.

    Thanks in advance


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    its always worth asking chap.

    whilst not all that relevent i have found a spent 303 bullet on the ashdown forest. from the condition of it i would guess it dates back to the war. it is not deformed at all so not sure what it was fired at.

    good luck with your collection

    regards pj

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    I collect spent cartridges as well. I am also a big fan of the wildcats. Especially if they are headstamped.
    If there is a practical and legal way to transport any spent cases to you, I would be happy to help you grow expand your collection. I do not have anything particularly uncommon, but maybe a few that you are less likely to find lying in the heather while you are out.
    Unfortunately I do not have anything from Europe.

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    Thanks Lads. I think in the first instance I should compile a list of everything in my collection that could be sent on to others as required. That way they'd know if what they had was included or not. I also have loads of spares for swapping or getting others started.

    Trpdoortrapper; I have in the past been sent empty cases from the USA but I'm not up to speed on the current regulations. I will find out. I know the likes of Sinclair wont send over new brass but I can't say if the same applies to old and obsolete specimins.

    Over here we are further restricted by the "Expanding Ammunition" regulations.

    The sort of stuff hard to find over here is the proprietary cartridges like the JD Jones range, Lazzeroni and A Square etc.

    All the best, Hillside

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    hillsid yes i also collect old cartridges from WW1 and WW2 i have got some 7.92 in steel cases from 1939 and some 5.55 plus a lot more. regards derek

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    I don't have any proprietary cartridges, or at least not any unusual ones. I have quite a bit of .375 Ruger which I suppose would qualify as proprietary but is pretty common. If I happen upon anything in the JDJ or Lazzeroni vein I will let you know.

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    Derek Treherne and Trapdoortrapper, I've sent you both a PM

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