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Thread: Muntjac - they never stand still!

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    Muntjac - they never stand still!

    Question for the Munty stalkers out there:

    Q: What do you do to stop the little buggers before taking the shot? I have tried squeaking etc...but with little luck so far.

    I realise you have to be quicker on the shot than say with a Roe, but getting that few seconds of them standing still is not easy with the Munty's I am stalking.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    im not a munty stalker, but i have heard people shout at them


    oy ! bang.
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    Ive found the buttolo normally stops them in their tracks for long enough to get a shot


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    theres a belows type squirrel call they come to for a closer look

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    Follow them in the scope, then give a shout or whistle, or a bark, any sudden noise. Then... boom!

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    Swing through, same as with any running target.


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    Buttolo normaly works for me. Do you never see them feeding?

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    went out about two weeks ago stalking muntjack with muntjackstalker and thats what we had to do stalk them until you could get a safe shot.Best stalking ive done for ages

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    If they know I am there, then I have never been able to stop them as they make their way off. If they are unaware of my presence and just busily going about their business, then a whistle, squeek etc should do the trick...... unless it doesn't . Thats why they are such an interesting little creature, they are so unpredictable. It's fun trying though.

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    Pheasant feeder.

    Although I have not seen a munty while I have been out for a long time now.

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