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Thread: Recommend a good book on Red Deer and stalking related to Red Deer

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    Recommend a good book on Red Deer and stalking related to Red Deer

    Now I have a few books on stalking related to the other Deer species and and James Douglas's "The Complete Shot" however none that I currently have cover things like the names for the various heads like the rather nice Royal mount posted on the forums.

    The Red Deer Books I already have cover range and ecology but not anything stalking related so it's about time I addressed this short coming.

    Your suggestions and recommendations would be most appreciated .

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    My bookshelves are ditinctly lacking in books about red deer, so I am interested to hear suggestions. I have:
    Half a Century of Scottish Stalking - Whitehead
    Monarchs of the Glen and Among the Deer - Hart-Davis's books are well worth reading.
    Hight Tops of Black Mount - Bredalbane
    Stag at Bay - Wigan
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    Searching Amazon's site found these ones:-

    Guide to the Stalking of Red Deer in Scotland by Ian Scott-Smillie (Author)

    Among the Deer: In the Woods and on the Hill - A Stalker Looks Back [Hardcover]

    Duff Hart-Davis(Author)

    The Deer Stalking Handbook [Hardcover]

    Graham Downing(Author)

    Will have to see if I can wangle the funds to get them as they appear interesting and hopefully cover some of what I am looking to learn..

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    Among the Deer is excellent, but it's stalking reminiscences rather than a "how to" guide.

    The BDS also publish a book called "Going to the Hill: An Introduction to Red Deer Stalking in Scotland" which really is a beginner's guide!

    I am sure there are a couple more - I'll try to dig them out later.

    What in particular are you looking to learn, as it might help to narrow the selection?

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Cheers one of the most confusing things to me is the names given to the stags Like Royal, Imperial.. I know it is all about point count but I honestly don't know which is what. Now I know what a Hummel is. Even though I doubt I will get up on the Stags I would like to learn about them none the less.

    An excellent read is good enough to be going on with so Amongst the Deer will be obtained or at least ordered next week.

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    The Year of the Red Deer by Lea Macnally is a good read, you will be able to buy it from ebay or amazon, I think I gave 2.95 for mine. ATB Rich

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    Deer Stalking by Edmund Luxmoor. Highland Deer Stalking by David Hudson.

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    All the previous and "the wild red deer of scotland" by Allan Gordon Cameron

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    A nahlik's books are very good and go into some detail on the development of the heads of reds and fallow.

    You can normally pick them up from eBay as they are long out of print.


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    A nah like books are brilliant , very detailed on all the heads and how to manage and stalk all species .

    Much better than James Douglas ! Ha ha !

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