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Thread: Cull Stags/Bucks for February?

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    Cull Stags/Bucks for February?

    Hey all,

    I know its a long shot but is there any offer for culling stags or bucks?

    I am here in the UK as a student and planning on leaving the country soon. I hope I can go out and take some bucks/stags.

    Pm me if such thing is available. oh, and it has to be within this month.


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    Try Jelen Deer.

    Mike Allison is one of the Directors, he is on this site as Pneudart

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    Or Mike Alinson !!!
    I hope you are keeping well Stue

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    Or even Mike Allison

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    We'll get there in the end

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    who is this mike allison? please do tell me more...

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    Type Jelen Deer into the search slot and all will be revealed he also advertises on this site quite extensively as well.

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