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Thread: Paid stalking and trophy price?

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    Paid stalking and trophy price?

    I was just wondering what happens when you take a paid stalk and you shoot a decent buck? Say borderline good six-pointer/bronze or between a silver and a gold? How do you decide what the trophy fee is? Are you olbigated to get it measured or does the stalkers opinion on the day count the most?

    Just curious as to what normal protocol would be!


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    Any sensible stalker will come to an agreement with rifle over what level of trophy beast is. Usually err on lower grade for costs if borderline.

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    I think you'd have to weigh up how experienced your guide is mate.

    For example, someone like John at Yorkshire roe will have seen many many medal heads over the years and it'd be a safe bet that he'll know a medal head when he sees one. I don't know what his procedure is and forgive me if I'm wrong, but i imagine he makes an educated guess and charges accordingly. Then, at a later date, if it measures under his guesstimate he will probably refund the difference upon receiving proof that he over estimated. This, if it's the case, would seem a reasonable system to me.

    Maybe he'll pop by later and add his thoughts
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    Hi from what i know roe trophies can be very expensive & iv knowen medal heads to be priced on there weight ie £1.50-£2.50 a gram with the continental base side of it & knowen of gold medals that were £1000 +. When you have done seen enough its quite easy with roe bucks to say its a medal its the lower near bronze that is the one that can get you. The head is left for 90 days best not cutting the skull & put in for assesment & at gamefairs there is sometimes no charge if it has missed out on a medal. I also have a formula to work them out in cic score & have a number of heads to be measured going back to 2008 but i dont like the judges as iv had enough of them looking down there nose at me & am very disopointed with there service i have had personally.

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    I can only comment on what I do and that is give the client a price list before the stalk based on the weight of the full skull minus 90g as per CIC deductions normally weighed the day after having been left in a dry warm place or dried in the micro wave if the client is unable or unwilling to wait.
    This normally gives a weight within 10% of the final weight, as far as medals being the base of charging you may be able to get a provisional score but this will not be confirmed until the 90 day period so the weight is the best to judge on as the stalker is there normally at the weighing and can see the "bad news".
    It is important that the stalker knows what he wants and confirms this with the guide before going out as once the animal is down a wonderful hunt can be ruined by the expense, if the guide gets it wrong and allows a quality buck to be shot rather than a cull buck as requested by the client then I would refuse to pay the excess if I thought the guide was at fault.


    Regards Terry

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    Its an interesting thread as i was thinking about it myself. If i shot a medal head and it turns out not to be a medal after ive paid for it, taken it away and had it measured, would it be reasonable to ask for a refund?! I know on the flip side if someone paid for a silver and it turned out to be a gold, a lot of people would keep quiet and not cough up the extra.

    One way around this would be to get the stalker to get the head scored and then charge appropriately. My only problem with this would be that i wouldnt want to leave without the head and cape. Ive heard horror stories of not seeing them again or seeing them again in sub optimal condition..

    So whats the answer?!

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    Thanks for the replies guys!

    so you spy a says that will cost you £xxx and if it is poorer quality than he expected you pay less. If he underestimates the deer I assume most people would stick to the initial price?

    Cheers again!

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    its all down to the tape measure

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    There are chaps out there that dont have a trophy price if its shoot able that day and meets with a cull plan you pay the stalking fee and if its there a shot fee. But the same guys will not expect you to walk buy a buck to shoot a better one.

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    When I stalked with John in Yorkshire what my aims and hopes for the day were discussed before the day. As I wanted a cull buck for the freezer that is what we looked for. Sadly we couldn't seem to find any that morning and just kept coming across 6 pointers. So John and I discussed it a bit and whilst talking about the lack of 4 pointers around that time we came across a nice representative 6 point buck. It was really beyond my budget but John said if I wished to take it and forgo the evenings booked stalk that was OK by him so I took my first ever 6 point Roe Buck. The cost of the day and the carcase was known to me before I squeezed the trigger.

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