Hi up for sale as a complete kit is my MEC Sizemaster .410 with 20g conversion kit boxed and as NEW bought this and just havent got the time to use it barely have time to load my .270 & 22-250 let alone learn shotshell reloading.

MEC Sizemaster .410 (+1 Charge bar an 3 Bushings)
20g Sizemaster Coversion Kit
Universal Charge Bar
1lb of Hodgdon H110
2.5" .410 Fiochi Cases Primed NEW x 100
3" .410 Cases Primed NEW x 90
2.5 20g Cases Fiochi Primed NEW x 100
209 Cheddite Primers x 200
Multiple Wads
Reloading for Shotgunners book
2.5kg No 7.5 Lead Shot
500g No 6 Bismuth Shot

This is all as New and Immaculate this would cost over 450+ I dont want to split 350ono Collected due to Primers and Powder