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Thread: Young lad

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    Young lad

    This young 'en stood watching me for ages while I farted around trying to get my phone to focus through my bins.

    HTC desire + Minox 10x42

    This is the same shot without the bins...
    Billy no guns.

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    Nice one! That's pretty good considering... I've tried to do the same and ended up with a blurry shot with a round binocular border!

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    Aye there was a certain amount of 'fumbling' involved but I was quite impressed with the result. I trimmed the bino ring off the pic so I assume that will happen on them all?
    Billy no guns.

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    I'd never thought of doing that! Pretty good considering.

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    ...but what did he taste like??

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    Quote Originally Posted by saddler View Post
    ...but what did he taste like??
    I'll let you know after April when he's ripe.
    Billy no guns.

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    I have never had much luck trying that way..well done Sir.

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