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Thread: Bushwear bushknife, Orange and doubly sharp

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    Bushwear bushknife, Orange and doubly sharp

    On the recomendation of a few guys on this site ive just bought a bushknife complete with very orange handle and a doubly sharp sharpener.

    The knife arrives pretty sharp, and a couple of strokes through a doubly sharp and its like a razor.

    Ive been using a 20 year old hand made falcon blade (very worn, but the blade is 4mm thick at the back and very tough) for ages now, but having prepared a couple of rabbits today I am now converted.

    The bushknife has a very secure feel to it, the handle is rubber and provides a confidence boosting grip. And like the guys said, you're not going to lose it quickly!

    The sharpener is very well constructed, works a treat and feels like a quality piece of equipment - the carbide edges revive old blades quickly and the ceramic edges give that extra bite for preparing animals.

    I bought the knife and sharpener for 9.79 and would thoroughly recommend both.

    For the price you really can't go wrong and I was very pleasantly suprised at build quality of both items.


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    Thats one hell of a recommendation Daemo - think I might take a puint on one of those. Thanks for the tip.

    BTW, do you have shares in Bushwear?

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    Unfortunately no shares mole!

    Im pleased as punch because I was about to spend 70 on a Helle knife, and only bought the Bushwear model on the strength of reading a few reviews on this forum and thought for 5 what have I got to lose.

    Ive not tried it on deer yet but it made short work of a few bunnies.


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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son

    the mora utility knife 3.49 just the ********
    Try this link to it

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    One thing to mention about the Mora knife on those links is the fact that its a high carbon blade, very good and hold a good edge but you need to look after them or they rust very quickly.

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    The Bushwear knife is pretty good, but I have to say I think the Frosts is slightly better.

    Double check where the blade goes into the handle of the Bushwear knife as on mine there was quite a gap, which is not good from either a strength point of view or a hygiene one. I suspect a carefull application of either superglue or fiberglass resin will seal it fine, I just haven't got around to doing mine yet...



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