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Thread: best rifle manufacturer, done before but fashion changes

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    best rifle manufacturer, done before but fashion changes

    I know this will have been done before but humour me Fashion and tastes change so what I want is your top 3 manufacturers. Not caliber not cartridge not for a particular animal in mind but reputation, quality, accuracy, looks and even bragging rights etc.

    The only limitations are no H&H or purdy [London guns] etc or 'black guns' lets keep it under say 5,000 for a new stalking/hunting rifle less scope and other accessories.

    So what are your suggestions, I will post my own later.

    Ok off you go

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    I'm afraid I can't see past Sako, unless you can't afford one in which case Tikka. I don't like anything else really. Used to like my CZ's but they're old hat now. So I have 2 x Sako 85's instead, I'm down with commercialism!

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    Blaser for centrefire & CZ for rimfire, AYA for shotgun
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    Gotta be Parker Hale.
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    An Accuracy International AW "Yellow" gun and a Sako!

    Taliban love them Yellow guns!
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    Sako for CF
    Anschutz in RF
    Beretta in shotguns

    All are accurate, solidly built, ergonomically designed and reliable.
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    would have loved to own a ph m85 but that will never happen would also like a sako varmint also unlikely
    wouldnt buy a rpa or blaser if i could afford one as dont see what they will do that a lesser priced rifle wouldnt
    for hunting or stalking am happy with my t3 varmint does what it says on the tin

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    For that kind of cash,it'd have to be a custom rifle
    McMillan stock(thumbhole)
    Nesika/stolle grizzly action or sako?
    Krieger barrel and Jewell trigger
    Factory rifles,Sako,Blaser,Sauer,Mauser or Heym
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    Sauer for silky smooth, accurate bolt action rifles, Cz for rimfire and Beretta for their Silver Pigeon shotguns.

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