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Thread: 6.5 x 55 reloading data 120 grn + 140 grn

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    6.5 x 55 reloading data 120 grn + 140 grn

    Hi Guys

    About to start reloading 6.5 x 55 and .223 rounds

    6.5 x 55 - 120 + 140 grn heads BT+SP

    .223 - 55 grn heads BT

    If anyone has a load data to start off as a starter midway load to work to it, would be greatly appreciated.
    Also preferred bullet heads, primers and powder, to suit both calibers.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated


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    Go to ...terminal balistic research, the guy who owns the site will give you some great advice. Alot of the data you get from bullet and powder manufactures is liam to say the least. Vihtavouri have some good advice, I have taken loads up to the info they give and have had no problems....but have gone with bullet manufactures info and had nothing but ***** crappy loads that had powder all down the case.

    My best load was 49 grains N160 with 120 grain pro hunters...but remember to work that up slowly .....esp if you have an old action.....

    Also remember your Swede will have a deep throat, so dont be anal about seating depth, you will prob be miles off the lands , go for a bit more than the size of the bullet, ie seat 6.5 min

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    chickenman is right vit 160 is a good powder for the 6.5 check with the loading manual for C.O.L for the 140s thiss will give you a good starting point cci are a good primer and are remington i use sierra pro hunter 120s and 140 remember load with caution regards derek

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    Hi. Like you I am also starting out with the 6.5x55 sauer 202 23" barrel 1:9 twist. I made up some ammo couple days ago and tested today. I don't as yet have a chrony so cannot give exact MV but at present will say that on looking through various data I made up and tested some once fired Privi cases. ( there was a fair bit of difference in weight but as these rounds are for hunting not target I haven't bothered sorting them or neck turning etc) Full length and neck sized, trimmed to length. (checked but not required on this occasion). I used CCI primers and an initial load of 34 gn IMR 4895 with Hornady 140 gn interlock (SP) These rounds are a little slow and only gave a 1" group @ 100yds. I worked this up to 35gn which proved slightly more accurate but according to data still slow @ under 2400fps. Worked upto 36gn which should be around 2500 ft/s once again slight improvement and should give a better trajectory out to 200 yds. This load is given as a max with one manual however another goes to 37.8 (using a 140gn speer sp) so as there is no signs of pressure so far I have gone to 36.5 and 37gn which should take me to 2550 ft/s. I have only made up 5 rounds of each and will test them over next day or so. I let you know what I find. I would be interested in what you have done. I will say the Privi worked ok but there just seemed to be too many fliers, I would get a great group sometimes below 1" then a flyer 2-3" off. Could be me but then this has not happened with the reloads so think it must be the privi. Otherwise I would use them as they only cost me the same as reloading and I get a free case. So I just use them for practise and then reload. (A free bang so to speak). Also as chicken man says my rifle has deep throat so I guage head space (one of the main reasons for reloading my own ammo) and seat to 20thou off lands.
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    I cannot comment on the powder your using, can someone else please????? but I can tell you that N160 is cracking,,,,,,as a slooooow powder , which is what swedes like,,,

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    I know it is heavy going Phillip but have a read of this Shock Wave Theory By Christopher Long, I found it fascinating in parts.
    I tried varying the COL in my 6.5x55 Sako but to be honest it performs better with a bullet "jump" also found by several other forum posters, after trying different COL's including only a few thou off the lands I decided to go with 62.80mm measured from the ogive with the Hornady comparator. I am using Hornady 140 SP's over 40grns of H414 and Federal Large Magnum Rifle primers. I found only two grains more H414 pushed the POI up almost 5" and I tried loads up to 44grns with similarly high POI's however also at this load the grouping was atrocious. At 44grns there was some eveidence of primer flattening and the odd "heavy bolt" so backing off was advisable anyway.
    The 40grn load is shooting a fraction over 1/2 MOA, and a tad right of target centre, the later I have now dialed out in the scope.
    Although this reload is shooting a little high it means I can use the last of the Federal factory loads and still have a very respectable reloaded option to go straight on to, once this happens I might tweak the load by 0.2grn either way but to be honest it is more than accurate enough for deer stalking purposed and considering the rounds were fired under stalking conditions not benchrest I'm not going to rush out and do it any time soon
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    Loading manuals are so out of style these days.

    I have been experimenting with IMR 7828 and 120 grain bullets in my 6.5x55. Superb accuracy. The best so far with my particular bullet.~Muir

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    Have a look on this site buddy there is a few loads on there

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    Hi again Phil

    Just re read your thread and noticed the .223 part. I also shoot .223 and also use 55 grain as I can use them on Munti too. A good powder to use is Benchmark, (26.5 grain) superb in my gun and I get 3200 or so with my Remmy which has been cut down, all the bullets I have tried have been devastating on foxes.

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    hi i use n160 46.5 gr on 140 gr sierra gamekings and 50 gr on 120gr sierra pro hunters in my sako finnlight

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