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    Hi all anyone know of any litters on now. Or any dew any time soon cheers Neil

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    I have dropped you a Pm with contact details of a friend of mine.

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    Does it need to be a pup - Ive got a 12 month old dog here (Not KC) that I bought to use with the falcons - but I just don't have the time to do him justice - he is pointing well, good on the whistle and a joy to be around.

    PM if interested. I'll let him go for what I paid for him, as he needs to be worked and not wasted.

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    might be worth speaking to www.yorkshireroestalking john off here he mentioned recently about maybe having a litter from breeze
    quality dog and I have stalked with the litter brother and I aint seen much better
    regards pete

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    thanks lads for the replys cheers Neil

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