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Thread: Reloading help and advice needed!

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    Reloading help and advice needed!

    Hi all,

    I have been shooting for years, but I have never reloaded.

    I am about to take that step onto the dark side and need some advice!! I have alway believed in you get what you pay for so before I lash out a load of cash I want some experienced heads advice.

    I am looking at a Lee 4 hole turret press with auto indexing. I have had a long chat with a couple of guys I know who reload and Lee stuff seems to split oppinion. They either say its great and good value or don't touch it its cut price rubbish!

    I don't want to buy it and in 6 month time want to off load it and replace it all with RCBS, if I need to spend more I will, but having never reloaded I am also a bit wary of spending five or six hundred quid for a set up and regretting it.

    Advice and oppinion please!


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    Hey Jonno. I was in a similar position very recently. The Lee kit really is very good value, but it's clearly not built to the same standard and the materials used are not as high quality as RCBS. If you intend on sticking at it the RCBS kit really is noticeably better, but that's not to say that a Lee press, properly maintained wouldn't last either. The advice I was given was to go take a look at a few setups and see what suits you. Personally I'd rather buy once than buy cheap and buy twice and the RCBS Rockchucker looks like it really will last a lifetime.

    Optics warehouse have some very competitive prices (no affiliation) and I found their service to be exceptional. Best of luck working out what you want. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and a lot of it comes down to personal preference, so work out what you need and make it work for you.

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    Turret press - excellent idea, very convenient to use, I heard too many tales of broken Lee presses to buy one and got a Lyman kit with the digital scales. atb Tim

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    I bought a lot of my reloading kit off Fleabay USA, including a Rockchucker press, despite the weight it proved a far better option especially as I bought a few other bits and pieces off the same guy, I think the "shipping" was $45 USPS. An alternative to using a turret press is to buy a set of Hornady Lock-N-Load bushes which allow your dies to click into position with about an 1/8 turn using a bayonet system; you dies settings are therefore undisturbed and you retain consistency. The Lee Collet dies are OK as is the Lee Primer Tool.

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    For Heaven's Sake! Don't get a turret press. Get a good "O" press and be happy. It takes seconds to change dies. (that's why they have locking rings) Personally, I don't understand this desire to have your dies "pre set" on a rattling aluminum plate. I do have a Lyman turret press with six die positions that I relegate to .357 magnum due to the volume I shoot. It is light years ahead of the Lee (or any brand) that has removable inserts. For all other reloading I use single stage presses, only. I have four and make use of them all. Two are Lee's.~Muir

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    Hi Jonno
    I was in this situation and like you asked around a few mates at what they used, all were in agreement that you should buy a quality press so I invested in a Redding Big Boss II. It's meaty enough to reloading everything should I need to in the future. Started reloading last year bought all new dies (RCBS & Redding) everything else came off ebay. It's a single stage setup but easily adequate for my needs and I've reloaded 100's of rounds in .308 & .243 and find it very rewarding. I would say that presses with auto indexing (ie. moving wearing parts) are not always going to give you consistancy. Just my of luck


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    Lee stuff will probably serve you but most definitely is inferior to RCBS/Lyman kit. Other stuff is out there too, but mostly more expensive.
    Auto indexing to load rifle rounds isn't the way to go.
    The Lyman press will give you quick die changes by use of a quick change collet that comes with their press. The RCBS Rock Chucker is probably the toughest press out there and will last and perform well for ever.
    Don't buy Lee dies. Redding, RCBS or Forster are much much better.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Don't buy Lee dies. Redding, RCBS or Forster are much much better.
    Sorry but out of your list the only ones I don't own are Forster. A while ago e-mailed RCBS about this .303 British set I have had for years as I discovered whilst playing with some cast bullets that the neck expander is incorrect and it actually a .308 one so the jacketed bullets are actually swaging the necks out to size upon seating. Now we have all heard the stories of their excellent customer service yet all I got was well if it's a problem polish it down a bit .

    I asked Lee about polishing a sizing mandrel down and they said fine. It it does not work let us know and well wills end you another.

    Now amongst my dies I have Lee (lots of them in fact), Lyman, Redding and RCBS. In the Lee I have Pace setter, RGB, Deluxe and Collet dies. In fact as I ended up with two sets of 30-30 dies I sold the RCBS ones as quite honestly having used both I could not tell any difference in precision upon target between the two sets. Ended up with two sets as ordered the Lee ones which the importer said were in stock on the shelf, they lied, after acquiring the 30-30 bolt action rifle then whilst visiting G&T shooting noticed they had the RCBS ones on the shelf at a good price so brought them. About three months later when visiting F.A Anderson's John says .............."Oh your dies arrived" so rather than tell the to send them back which no doubt they would have done. As I ordered them I paid for them. After the next incident with Lee's importers telling us that a special order set would take 6 months plus to get I simply order direct from Lee. Those 8x56R dies were here in less than three weeks including clearing customs etc.............................. 6 months + Pah!

    However due to perceived brand prejudice the RCBS ones would sell much easier which proved to be the case.

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