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Thread: open rifle shoot Sunday 19th Catton Park

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    open rifle shoot Sunday 19th Catton Park

    First shoot of the year on our Ground at Catton this coming Sunday 19th

    Metal reactive Targets out to 400 + Yards

    Paper animal images out to about 250 and all other ranges down to 50. Great shot placement targets

    100 yard zero target

    woodland walk and shoot. Good practise for the sticks and freehand

    new running fox target. Not as easy as last years running roe and if you keep hitting it I have a Rabbit one as well

    If you would like to attend just give me a call , email ,text , pm , etc to let me no to gauge numbers. if you can not make this weekend we are running the garlands shoots on the last Sunday of every month.

    For this shoot Shauns Shack the mobile catering facility (Burger bar) will NOT be available due to him being away on a promise..............
    So please bring what you require for the day. He is trying to get a replacement but as yet none.

    All welcome have a look at the web site and come and see us and get some lead in the air

    Hope to see some of your soon.


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    Hi. Never been to a range before but this sounds interesting. What is the cost? What caliber (max) allowed etc. Is this a comp split into rifle caliber/distance etc. Sorry to sound thick but I usually aim at live targets so not familiar with how this may work. Thanks.

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    catton shoot

    The cost for the day is 20 no limits on shots or the time you stay.
    Its not a competition the days are designed for practise and zeroing (and having some fun) lots of like minded people come to test there rifles and gear against some great targets,
    Have a look at the web site it will give you some idea of what goes on and may be some kind shooters who have been may well come on here and tell you abit more about it from there side.

    Hope to see you on one of them


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    A real good, sometimes testing day out, something for everyone from 40/50 to 400 with like minded people.

    A good selection of different targets so don't be shy with the Ammo you bring.

    If we are lucky "the mother in law" may be lurking in a bush? Not very PC to give her a pop but very satisfying with a .308

    The weather is usually quite kind to us.

    Lovely location over the valley and in the wood, personally the 400 is best for the win mag boys and Stone off sticks of course

    ps. hope not too many shooters catch on!

    pps. Shaun on a promise? that explains why he was fiddling around with the sausage skins.

    I'll be there making a bit of noise.

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    P taking barsteward
    But then you know where your Place is
    In the que buying us all one of Shaun's specials
    That will teach

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    Memo to self. Don't forget earplugs due to some people, mentioning no names, who insist on having large unmoderated cannons 4 feet away from me.

    It's persisting down here at the moment but the weather forcast is looking good up that way for tomorrow. And the missus has made some cracking rabbit pies that I have just sampled so I won't be going hungry.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    All set out and ready just a few paper targets to set out in the morning then we are off.
    The new fox target goes down the hill like hell.
    See you all in the morning


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    Had a cracking time. Everyone most welcoming, and good instruction on how to behave etc. Really liked the natural setting and targets. Good practise off the new tall bi-pod in the sitting position. Had a go at the long range stuff and did pretty well i think 4" gong at 315yds 3 times in a row. 4" gong at 360 yds twice with 156 grain PPU (6.5x55). I enjoyed this as only had the rifle a couple months so good to put it and me to the test. Thanks for the encouragement I'll be back.

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    When's the next one it was my sons birthday.

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    I was told to look on the web site (link at top) and they are all listed. Perhaps see you there.

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