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    back now
    uploading the photos now be a while.
    great time was had and everyone scored kills.
    we saw lots of things including the temp go to below minus 20c one night and none of us could sit later then midnight, Everything froze up scopes, muzzles and cartridges in magazines and breath on anything it touched including ear flaps of hats. Even the snow on our boots froze our boots into the shape we were sat in and the trouser bottoms froze to our boots which made moving very hard when it came to trekking out for our lifts.
    bag was 7 fallow deer (no medals but a gold was seen on leaving a box and no shot was taken) 1 missed running.
    3 foxes
    2 wild boar
    other animals seen were Moose (non shootable as what we could shoot was strict and fines were heavy) eagles, pine martin, roe,
    ravens and waxwings.

    Right here goes, don't have all the kills as some were shot a night under the moon and were skinned and lardered immediatly to stop them freezing with their skins on.
    the boys who shot them may post or send me them when they recover.
    the first night in the lodge, dark when we got there.

    the danes set off hunting in the morning got everywhere (nearly) with just chains on a 2 wheel drive.

    the boys loading into the car on first morning a mild -5

    the morning view from my stand
    where both pigs and a fallow were shot later in the trip sadly not by me.

    the wood looked like this on the walk out.

    breakfast in the lodge
    day 1

    the lodge from outside

    my 2 fallow shot from sticks with an audience
    156m and 242m
    there is i believe some video of this.

    sortly after darrens rifle cracked and he had his first fallow.

    next morning the veiw from my moose stand.
    i never sw one but trevor who was 400ms from me had a 2 year old cow (not takable) within 100ms and videoed it

    the night blinds were super looking 30ms into the feeding station.


    the boys topping up the feed.

    trevors pricket i have the video of this one.

    the drive to the other ground

    day 2 after the minus 21 temps
    the telephone lines

    steves perfectly shot fallow doe which ran 100ms into the trees in the late evening which we found the next day by watching the ravens and 2 massive eagles.
    it was just grallochable and hadn't quite froze solid... the ravens had had its eyes.

    darren coming back to the car.

    my feed station with roe at it.

    where i later shot 3 foxes for 2 shots under the late evening sky (starlight almost).
    sorry no photos as it was very late and dark when we left and my battery had died on the phone.
    when i met daz

    the long drive back

    the motorway

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    Another great account John, you are really clocking up the air miles now !?!

    -12°C here on Saturday morning so not all that far behind the temps.

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    Looks like a great trip John, thanks for posting up the pics and looking forward to see some video!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Interesting photo's, John. And I though it was cold at minus 6 when I got out of a high seat on Saturday afternoon! We're off to Are in Sweden next month; skiing, but would be good to see some wildlife, or even just to pick up some hunting mags. Saw my first and only ptarmigan skiing in France a few years ago - made the holiday for me!
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    Some cracking pics John ,you certainly seem to be getting about this year

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    well billy thats true but i have had to try all the venues for my next commercial venture, so watch this space, YDS is going to expand its boundries.
    I will be offering several wild hunts this winter in some great wild venues.
    all done now and photos are getting processed to form another web-site to cater for brits to hunt abroad.
    at least i can say i have tried all the places and have sent on feedback to make these commercially viable.
    don't think I will be hitting my does that much next seson I won't be here(hopefully).

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    Thats a great account of some absolutely cold temperatures,nothing like that here..40C in parts of Victoria this week!

    I must mention for those that dont know that having a scoped rifle near a heat source as the fire (pic 6) is fraught with danger of the scope expanding and sucking in moisture which is apparent on cold days inside the lens but not usually apparent on warm days.
    I know as I frigged one of mine like that.

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    there were no rifles in a direct heat source and after the 25 minute car drive they had warmed up slightly to inner car temp anyway.
    besides x2 zeiss and a leupold would think warranties would cover leakage.
    it was that cold my objective iced up, when i got out my lens cloth from the inside pocket of my jacket it de-iced a portion of the lens it touched and then immediatly re-froze, i had to de-ice the whole thing with my chemical handwarmer

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    Im sure there will be no shortage of volunteers to help you out with the does in your absence mate

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    they will be left alone billy i can shoot enough with clients in between jollies.

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