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Thread: Tyvec... a corking winter oversuit!!

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    Tyvec... a corking winter oversuit!!

    Hi All,

    I know it's been said before but I used a 3 tyvec suit and 99p white balaclava and some white gripper work gloves (foc from work) at the weekend and spent a lovely hour laid up in the snow waiting for some action.....never got any but just thought I'd say how good (and cheap) the tyvec was. It never let any damp through and it fit over my chainsaw gear that I'd been wearing all day (probably why there was nothing about come to think of it...) with ease. That said I doubt it would survive too long in the woods but in the open it's hard to beat at the price.

    Gave the gun a dose of white masking tape to finish off the look which seamed to work quite well if a little off white. Came off ok and alls well and oiled up when I put her back in the cabinet.

    If there's anymore of the white stuff forcast I'll be dressing like a snowman more often!!


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    Good idea that! I know what you mean about the chainsaw smells! I spent 3 hours cutting logs and old site pallets/wood, walked inside and got some funny looks!

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    They make a chuffing great all in one sledge too..end up on your arse on a slope and you are well away.

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