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Thread: Sako 75 22-250 Matters

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    Sako 75 22-250 Matters

    I bought a nearly new Sako 75 22-250 recently (varmint fluted barrel, laminated stock) which had fired 110 rounds when I bought it and it is in very good condition. However, I've had two issues which I'm interested if anyone else has experienced & any (relevant and helpful) pearls of wisdom:

    Firstly it won't hold a group less than 5" at 100yds with Norma 50g balistic tip ammo! Trying 3 other types of 50g ammo solves the problem with Winchester Silvertip giving the best groups (3/4") followed by Sako Arrowhead, then Remington Accutips and the Norma a very sad 4th with no grouping at all! Am I alone in this experience and has anyone found a better result with any other make of 50g ballistic tip bullets?

    Secondly, I have a problem getting the rifle to load smoothly with more than 3 bullets in the mag (5 capacity) which is a total pain! The bullets tips forward 30mm after being picked up by the bolt (about 10mm before it has cleared the magazine shoulders) and the case baulks badly on the breech tapers - with a fox in the cross hairs this will badly upset my usually happy countenance!!

    Any thoughts?

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    know someone that had the same problem. had it cloverleafing with a homeload. will try to find out what they used.
    atb steve

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    Some rifles just dont get on with some ammo. But 5 inches seams poor . It might just be the rifle needs some ammo down it to bed in if its new.

    Just check the crown over though. To make sure its not be knocked or damaged

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    have you got a mod on the end? i had a very similar problem a few years back, and it was due to the previous owner having never removed the mod, up until he came to sell it (i assume) and at that point he had a bit of a try at cleaning it and had something down the barrel. I wouldnt have known until i took it to a gunsmith and he had a borecope down it and told me it was tapered at the end, only a tiny bit, but this was letting gas get out passed the bullet and knocking the bullet off. took it back, had it rethreaded and shortened, then it was 3 federals touching at 100 yds. bob on.
    if you can have someone look at it its worth it. hope it works out.

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    5" does seem excessive. Don't think I have ever seen any rifle do worse than 2" or 2.5" with factory ammo. Still, if it is shooting well with other ammo I would not worry too much.

    Ref the feed issue, there are a couple of options, it could be that the follower spring in the magazine is not strong enough to hold the ammo in place as each round is cycled of the top of the stack. The other possibility is that the feed lips on the mag have been moved or dented. Try and borrow another mag to try and see if this persists. A replacement magazine may be required, but compare the feed lips to a good magazine.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Sounds like you solved the ammo problem yourself - just use the silvertips

    Look for damage and see if you can borrow another magazine to see if that works? You but the gun private or from a dealer, if it's a dealer tell him.

    I have a Sako 85 in .22-250 and it seems pretty ammo sensitive as well, not a problem though I just stick to the one brand that works.

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    Thanks for the thoughts - all very helpful and interesting.

    To update on your suggestions - The crown is fine and undamaged, and the mod is clean and never been stored on the rifle (previously owned by a very reputable member of this forum!). The Norma's also have the worst feed issue so it may be related. I use Norma 75g bt's and 100g soft points in my Mannlicher .243 and they are perfectly OK (it didn't like the 58g bt's and they were keyholing, but this rifle does have a 16" barrel).

    Took the stock off to check everything was tight (nothing to check really) but going over all the fixings I did find the front sight mount wasn't as tight as it should have been - but that doesn't explain why the Norma's were SO poor as I shot the bullets in sequence so conditions were virtually the same for all. Should help in tightening the group a bit tho' but the Norma's were shot in same conditions as the other makes which held 3/4" compared to 5"!

    Magazine looks undamaged & has been cleaned (as far as I could get under the feed plate and it was clean) and lubricated with PTFE but the spring could be weak so I'll try a new magazine - anyone know where to get a ss Sako 75 22-250 mag?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    know someone that had the same problem. had it cloverleafing with a homeload. will try to find out what they used.
    atb steve
    lapua brass,cci bench rest primer,41 grains of n160,52 grain burgers 3,700fps JOB DONE

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    Try a flat base bullet rather than a boat tail.


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    Quote Originally Posted by andy stalker View Post
    lapua brass,cci bench rest primer,41 grains of n160,52 grain burgers 3,700fps JOB DONE
    Don't you mean 3550?

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