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Thread: Price for whole maize

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    Price for whole maize


    I am after either 1 tonne or half a tonne of whole maize.

    I have been able to track down a company after ringing lots of animal feed suppliers that can sell in bulk and not offer me 25kg sacks for 12 each!!!!!!!!

    I am awaiting a call back from someone when they have worked out a price.

    What would be a fair price for 1 tonne or half a tonne?

    Quick responses would be appreciated as they may call any minute!!!!



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    Would you mind PM that information to me to please.

    Thanks Matt.

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    What are you feeding?
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty1 View Post
    What are you feeding?
    Just interested!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty1 View Post
    What are you feeding?
    Anything that chooses to eat it?

    Why do you ask?

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